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What is the Hound hub?

We are so excited to be bringing you a whole new way to train and live with your hounds at home. 

Times are so strange and uncertain at the moment, changing routines, the world is not what it was just a month ago, and it's unlikely to ever be the same again. 

Our Hounds have no idea what tall this talk of Covid 19 is, nor why you are working longer hours or suddenly everyone his home and why they are only getting out once a day, if that right now. 

They are even more confused than us right now!

So how can we help them settle, reassure them and also to prevent the behaviour problems that will start to develop?

How can you use the things you have laying around the house to help keep your dog occupied?

How can you really come out of the other side of this with an even better best furry friend and who is more helpful and happier?

With the help that is available from The Hound Hub

The Hound Hub offers - 

Private tuition and training inclusive of the recordings of each call via Zoom 

Classes workshops and replays of previous courses

Online learning at your own pace and convenience 

The Covid Canine Club 

Browse the shop and our plans pages to find out more. 

The Hub was launched on 17th of April 2017 and more is being added all the time so keep checking back. 

Sign up for your free Hound Hacks eBook and keep up-to date with all new developments ....

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