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Award Winning Services

Allow us to improve your life with your Hound

Training, Coaching and Tuition

 Groups/ Classes Individual, bespoke and tailored service for you and your Hound

Is your dog bored and driving you insane with his incessant barking and pulling on the lead?


Are you tried of telling your dog off all the time and do you feel helpless and lost with what to do next?


Well, most naughty dogs aren't naughty at all they are just bored or misunderstood. Providing some training, structure and routine will transform them into calm capable canines.


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you felt in control and actually looked forward to taking your dog to the park?


Getting one to one training or group classes from the expert dog trainer can help you quickly move forward and find a permanent solution to your dog problems. 


​You can count on honesty, practical training and results with Sarah Bartlett KCAI CD R QIDTI

Hound Hikes and Pro-Active Puppy Visits

Every dog wants to be a Hound Helpers Dog

So much more than a dog walk!

Are you struggling to get your dog out on walks for lack of time, energy, your health or because of their bad behaviour?

We specialise in providing both physical and mental exercise for your dog to ensure their needs are met on both fronts, providing you with a calm and content hound to return home to.

Is Fido getting fidgety? Rex getting restless? Let us help, we can walk your dog(s) from your home at your convenience.

You will have the peace of mind that instead of him bounding around wanting a walk when you get home from a long day at work he will be tired and calm ready to curl up with you and relax.

We always train dogs to walk nicely with us as this makes for more enjoyable walks for both us and the dogs not to mention also preventing injury for the dogs (and us too of course).

We do hear from clients regularly saying how much their dog has improved on lead, or on lead when they pass or see other dogs. ​

Luxury Pooch Pamper Parlour

Dog Spa

After providing a Grooming service for over ten years for our clients of hikes and training, Sarah has handed over the reins to Christine.


Chris has had the pleasure of grooming dogs for over 40 years,  with no visions of retiring - she adores pampering dogs too much to give up!

Highly qualified and experienced in all types of breeds, coat types and the needs of individual dogs and owners.


We are now open to bookings from new clients and dogs. 


Blueberry facials, joint care mud packs and much more available to treat your pet with the very best of products and care. 


Our luxury Spa is based in Lower Moor, WR10 2PL

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