Sarah Bartlett


Founder, Dog Training Instructor

Qualified International Dog Training Instructor 

Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Companion Dog and KC Rally

Published Author - Another Pup? Puppy Prepared?  & The Complete PupStar Guide 

Harringtons Training Content Provider 

KC Rally Judge all levels

GCDS Assessor All Levels

Canine First Responder Instructor

Evesham Journal Dog Training Columnist

Edition Dog Magazine Columnist

The Mirror featured Dog Training Expert


I have a family of three dogs. My gang keep me busy in my limited spare time with training, walking, competing in Breed shows, Rally Obedience & Obreedience. 

I also have a Fell pony called Billy.


I am extremely passionate about providing the best possible care for your pets and treat all pets

as my own.

I am here to help you learn from your dogs too, as I'm sure you know its usually the owners who need the training and not the dogs!


I am always constantly learning more and regularly update my skills by attending various training courses. 


If ever a trainer tells you they know everything, they are lying. Dogs are complicated emotional animals and until they can speak our language, I'm sure we will always be finding new things about them.


Most issues with dogs stem from a lack of, or a strain on the all important bond between you and them, and it's simply formulating a strategy to help you get a better bond than ever before.


Our Lifestyles have evolved much faster than dogs have in recent decades. Various methods I have picked up along the way will help them cope with modern human life.


Give me a call or preferably drop me an email if you would like to talk about your pet


Lisa Looker

Hikes Team Manager

Hound Hiker & Canine Enrichment Officer
(Pershore, Charlton & Fladbury areas)

I am a country gal who has had dogs and horses for as long as I can remember. We currently have hens, a guinea pig, two cats and my beloved working cocker spaniel, Loxley.
Most of my spare time is spent walking over Bredon Hill, jogging/canicross with my dog and I have become slightly addicted to agility training and competing with him too!


Courses completed:

Canine Principles:

Canine Coaching Advanced accredited certificate

Rescue Dog accredited advanced certificate

Canine reactive behaviour accredited advance certificate

Canine fear course

Canine anxiety certificate 

Easy walks with your reactive dog

Canine Coaching Foundations

Introduction to TTouch


Chiral Patel- understanding, managing and modifying behaviour

Canine first aid
Sports dog massage and conditioning

Loose Lead walking with Wendy Schilling KCAI CD GCDS QIDTI 

Canine First Responder (primary and secondary first aid for dogs)

More courses scheduled and to be added here very soon!


Kerry Oliver

Hound Hiker & Canine Enrichment Officer 
(Evesham, Hampton, Chadbury and Offenham)

I share my home with a dog, two cats, and a hamster, which needless to say keeps me fairly busy. I love being out walking with my cocker spaniel, Simba, as this is best time for bond-building and fun!


My background is in pet nutrition, and I've always been passionate about canine and feline behaviour and welfare. I believe every pet should be treated with kindness and encouragement, which is why I will always treat your dog as if it were my own.

Courses completed :

The Truth About Cats and Dogs (University Of Edinburgh)

Puppy Socialisation – The Dos and Don’ts 

Falling Foul Of The Law 

Dunbar Academy Course Collection

30 Day Perfect Pup - Zak George

Canine First Responder (primary and secondary first aid for dogs)

Many more courses scheduled.



Magda Grupa

Hound Hiker, Pet Sitter & Canine Enrichment Officer 

(Evesham, Hampton, Lenches & Charlton)

I discovered my passion for animals at the age of seven or eight. Since then I have sworn to dedicate my entire life to animals and their welfare, especially dogs. 


I have been volunteering at Dogs Trust Evesham and have progressed to being granted the responsibility of taking out the more difficult dogs with behaviour issues. I particularly love building trust with the more sensitive dogs. I even changed my hours at my previous job so I could continue to volunteer with the dogs in rescue. 


I have completed many dog and animal care and training courses online in my own time as I have a real thirst for more knowledge. 


I am very excited to be part of the HH team, knowing my learning will be encouraged and nurtured as part of this wonderful team. 


When I am not spending time with or learning more about dogs, I like exploring new places and reading books.

Courses completed - 

Animal Care

Dog Behaviour & Training 

Dog Grooming

Pet First Aid & CPR

Pet Nutrition

Many more  courses scheduled as part of my professional development with Hound Helpers 

debbie toby

Debbie Toby

Trainer & Admin Wiz

Occasional Senior Hound Hiker & Canine Enrichment Officer 

(Evesham & Offenham)

I have been working with HH for over five years now, in various roles. I used to assist in grooming and also specialise in puppy visits and smaller group walks. I a standard poodle girl called Bella and a lovely moggy at home. I have been training to be a trainer for many years now and enjoy building on my knowledge. 

Having been a senior nursing Sister for most of my life I am really enjoying applying my natural caring skills to the dogs in my care. 

At the end of 2018 I stepped away from Hikes due to my health. However I do still step in on occasion when needed.  

I  really enjoying assisting Sarah in the Classes and Workshops that we run, my favourite being the Reactive Rover course, as I too have had a reactive dog in the past so it's great to help others in their journeys to success through this. 

Courses completed whilst with Hound Helpers  Ltd:

A Paw in Two Worlds with Wendy Schilling - Canine Body language, communication and management

Who's walking who? with Wendy Schilling - loose lead walking training

Canine First Responder - Primary and Secondary care, First aid, CPR and much more

Dog Law seminar presented by the leading UK dog law solicitor Trevor Cooper

Reactivity in Dogs with Wendy Schilling - Managing behaviour and behaviour modification for reactive dogs.

Practical Dog Walking Skills Training Day with Linda Ward

plus many more courses completed outside of Hound Helpers Ltd.