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Lyndsey G, Tobey & Bear

In these crazy pandemic times, it has been really helpful to have a bit of a hand with puppy time and training when I am trying hard to homeschool three kids and run our family business. Hound Helpers has helped to socialise, train and generally give me and Tobes a bit of sanity in all the madness! It’s lovely to know that I can come to you for any puppy (or dog) questions and that Bear can still meet lots of other doggy friends to develop his puppy skills


Janine S, Dougal

Team HH have been brilliant, taking my 1 year old Cockerpoo on puppy Hikes since he was a few months old. They have helped with his training and gradually introduced him to group walks as he got older. fortunately team HH have been vary adaptable fitting around my on-off-on working patterns with lockdowns over the last year. 


Katy P,  Obi & Sky

So much more than just dog walkers - from puppy training to grooming, I think I've used every service the team has to offer and I really can't rate them highly enough. Such a trustworthy, caring and knowledgeable team, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them

The best puppy service, to ensure your puppy is set up with the vital skills and training required to be a well behaved sociable dog in the future. 


As well as play, feed and take your pup out to toilet, we train them too!

We cover all the basic commands, and train your puppy to walk nicely on the lead and interact with other dogs correctly.


A strange time for us and a strange time for puppies at the moment!

Their socialisation is all off because the world isn't normal.


We can't take them to  a cafe or pub nor an we take them to a busy noisy town centre with lots of people as crowds of people either.


Careful and creative socialisation and training is certainly called for.

Using games, focus skills, love and positive guidance encouragement we are ensuring bright futures for our PupStar's and their owners. 


Pro - Active Puppy sessions are based around yours & your pups needs, ensuring they are getting the right amount of exercise, mental stimulation with careful socialisation.

30 Minute Visit £15 


1 Hour Visit £25


Once PupStar has reached 10-12 months of age they can join the lower rate Group Hikes

Sound good? Get in touch here so we can arrange to pop over and meet you and your PupStar
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