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The 12 (plus) Doggy Dangers of Christmas

While you’re enjoying the festivities it’s easy to get distracted making it easier for your pooch to access things that may harm or kill them!

Here are the main things to avoid -

  1. Christmas pudding

  2. mince pies

  3. Christmas cake

  4. Alcohol

  5. Grapes,

  6. Raisins,

  7. Onions

  8. Garlic

  9. Sugar

  10. Chocolate

  11. Christmas decorations

  12. Macadamia nuts

  13. Peach & Nectarine stones

  14. Cooked bones

  15. Sugar

  16. Salt (consider gravy)

  17. Mushrooms

  18. Raw potato

Lots of visitors can be stressful to our dogs too, some do not cope well with this, while other get over excited and then over tired which can cause hyperactivity and naughtiness (very similar to an overtired toddler). Make sure you stock up on lots of long lasting chews and treats (being sure to avoid any raw hide products as these are harmful also), maybe even filled frozen Kongs ready for when visitors arrive to keep your dog occupied and to help them relax.

Try to have your dog’s bed, crate or resting area out of the way of the main foot fall areas of the house – in a corner or similar might be best. Allowing your dog a safe place to go and relax and have a chew without the threat of being stood on or tripped over will help them to switch off while you are entertaining. If you are expecting lots of children to visit make the rules clear to them that if the dog is in their bed or resting area they are not to approach them.

The Christmas period will cause the routine with your dog to change which may unsettle them, being prepared for this will make your celebrations so much easier on both you and them. Chewing is a natural way to help the dog relax, it’s a stress reliever and it’s also mentally stimulating which will make them tired too.

Thank you to all of our readers and clients who have supported us throughout the year. Myself and the team at Hound Helpers would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a very healthy and enjoyable new year!

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