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Is the dog profession going to the dogs?

In 11 years of business there is one thing that still saddens me and has done from the start.

What saddens me about this industry is that it remains to this day, unregulated.

This is not just dog walkers, it applies to trainers, groomers, day care establishments and much more. There has been talk of regulating it for years but it is just that - talk.

We are caring for your precious family members and in the wrong hands it can, and often does end in disaster.

This then paints the rest of us with the same brush.

Over the past five years I have noticed many, many people start up as a dog walking enterprise and while some will stick at it and do good things, the majority either give up or worse they do not educate themselves in dog language, the law and dog management and make mistakes.

We are all human and we all make mistakes but not ensuring you are knowledgeable in your field is ignorance and in some cases arrogance.

The last 12 months has seen us welcome a higher percentage of clients and dogs into our walks who have previously used another dog walking provider.

We have then spent months trying to improve the dogs behaviour that has been caused by the previous service provider.

What’s sadder is this isn’t just one company that these dogs are coming to us from.

We love to help these hounds and their owners, we rejoice in seeing the results and hearing from the owners what a difference it has made.

However the point is, we shouldn’t have to fix the issues in the first place.

I could go on but I won’t, we are meant to be celebrating after all but please spread the word that just because someone is insured and CRB checked that does not mean they are ‘qualified’ to care for your dog in any capacity.

The dog industry is not regulated.

Anyone can claim to be a professional with no knowledge experience or qualifications.

Do your homework, find the best possible carer for you furry family members.

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