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Free Lead Walking Training Series

This summer saw the launch of our free email training series which has proved a popular hit and made a difference to so many dogs and owners.

Please just drop me a message if you want in, or fill out the sign up form.

Here is a little sneak peak of what you can expect;

What are you doing?

How can you change your actions?

It's funny that I find this is usually the hardest bit to learn, us people are stubborn and get into bad habits.

Ok, I’m not sure you are going to like me saying this but I can pretty much guarantee if your dog is being a jerk so are you! AND you HAVE TRAINED YOUR DOG TO PULL! (shock horror yes, I really just said that…. but stay with me and all will make sense).

Dogs will only do what works, and if you are still walking when they pull… it works! They pull you and they get to go to the park, to the field or to that blade of grass that is so amazing they must sniff at for what feels like a lifetime. If you are jerking or pulling back on that lead you are if anything making the issue worse. Now don’t get me wrong – If you simply stopped pulling them back that’s not going to fix the issue but it will help your dog see you in a better light. If I was to grab the back of your jumper and pull you back, I bet you would pull forward against it and be at least a little annoyed, wouldn’t you? Think about that collar and lead, exactly the same!

Now I bet you are thinking ‘well how does that help me?? I can’t just run/sprint behind my dog till there’s a loose lead’.

I have been there, before becoming a dog trainer I was the biggest jerk out there, it hurts when they pull that hard and you get to the point where you feel that’s the only way to go even if it just provides a millisecond of relief to your sore arm, shoulder, back, wrist…..and I have tendonitis in both of my wrists so I really do ‘get it’ .

I was the biggest jerk till I learned how to look at it from the dog’s perspective (more on this in the next email) .

I know there are walks when you come back and think thank god that’s over for another day, and its such a shame because your dog is so lovely in so many other ways. I’m guessing you have pulled your dog back probably what, thousands of times? and your dog is still pulling…so its not working is it? STOP PULLING BACK! Sign up for the full series with more tips and tricks to lead you on the right path. Puns intended ;)

Regular Free training tips Emails

The past couple of months has seen the launch of our free training tips mailing list, with the occasional offer and discount included both for services and for products. Just drop me a message if you would like to be part of it. This is also where you will be the first to know about any exciting events or workshops we are running. I have been receiving some great feedback from these emails

‘Signed up and have enjoyed reading each one of your emails. Engaging ideas and a good length as not to overload each time. Today I filled a bum bang with a choice of 3 of Rubys treats, 2 very tasty ones and 1 average value. Clipped her up and off we went following your advice.. By the time we came home she was trotting beside me on a loose lead ignoring the sloes lining the lane (normally a big hit with Ru). Thank you so much, fabulous advice xx’ Julia B.

‘Thank you for all the tips Sarah. Very practical, easy to follow and they work’ Kathy R.

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