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Book Launch! Another Pup?

Between training, walks, admin, emails and some sort of a social life, in the dark hours of the night I have been typing away since March, working on my new book.

The book was published on Amazon and Kindle in September and I’m very excited to be getting the word out there.

There isn’t another book dedicated to the same subject available and in my opinion it’s such an important subject as I get called in to help with so many multi dog households.

The book not only helps with the transition of having another puppy when you already have one or more dogs but it also helps you decide whether it’s the right move for you and the family.

Here is a little taster for you –

Do you really want another dog?

Is it because your first dog is lonely? Or because you think your dog will be happier with another dog to keep it company while you are out?

This is the most common reason why people get another dog and it is the worst reason. There is only one exception to this, and it is only one option to possibly (not a guaranteed way) help your dog’s separation anxiety….please note you labelling your dog with separation anxiety does not necessarily mean they have it. Get a professional in to tell you either way before making any big decisions.

Anyway back to the point…why is it the worst reason to get an additional dog?

Contrary to popular belief dogs do not need other dogs for company, that’s what we are for and what dogs have been selectively bred for years for - to be man’s best friend!

If you feel guilty leaving your dog behind when you go to work and if you are away from home regularly for longer than 4 hours, either employ a professional dog walker to help or a neighbour, friend or family member to pop in or dog sit.

If you don’t have time for your one dog, how are you going to have time for two? I want you to sit and really think about this. Any new dog, puppy or adult dog will need training, teaching the rules of your house and lifestyle and your existing dog will be a big distraction to both you and the new dog which makes it a lot harder for the new dog to learn what you require.

Think about it, dogs know dog speak, or at least dogs speak the same language, it’s easier for them to get along with each other than it is to learn how to read our behaviour and ‘language’ (commands). You will always be battling against this with any additional dog, whether its dog number 2 or dog number 6 (as it has been recently in my case).

If you would like a copy I have a limited number of copies in stock and can sign & deliver them to you inclusive of the price £19.99, alternatively Amazon stock them for the same price plus delivery and the Kindle ebook is just £9.49

Fantastic book. A real eye opener for anyone considering a 2nd dog or anyone with more than 1 dog, as you can learn how to improve life together. I love the honesty and the simple to follow instructions. A brilliant subject that I bet lots of people wish they had read before they added another dog. If you are considering another dog, don't hesitate to read this it will really help in the long run.

Katie A.

Sarah has done an amazing job of laying out exactly how to successfully integrate another dog to your existing family.This book is full of real life stories and examples that show you how to avoid the many mistakes so you can create a contented canine family.well done Sarah!

E. Hodgson

‘Fascinatingly informative a must read for anyone considering bringing another dog home, even essential for your first dog. I highly recommend this book’

Ann GH.

‘Working my way through the book and I'm finding it so helpful. Keep going back and referencing different things. Learnt a lot.’Becca C.

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