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Hound Hikes

Every dog wants to be a Hound Helpers Dog

Hound Hike Offer
10% off your first Hound Hike! 

Get in touch quick as we can only offer this to a select few new Hounds! 

celebrating our 14th Birthday in 2021!



We wont leave your dog crossing its legs, even in the case of emergency, holiday or breakdown

training, fun, Games on every Hike

To ensure a healthy happy and truly tired hound for you to return home to

Pictures & videos sent to you

We feedback & send pictures and sometimes videos to you after every hike so you can sse how much fun your dog is having while out on their Hike

naughty dog?

Barky, bouncy, over excitable, jumping, pulling, not coming back when called.. we have seen it all and are here to help you! 

So much more than a dog walk!

Are you struggling to get your dog out on walks for lack of time, energy, your health or because of their bad behaviour?

Is Fido getting fidgety? Rex getting restless? Let us help, we can walk your dog(s) from your home at your convenience.


  • Specialists in providing both physical and mental exercise for your dog to ensure their needs are met on both fronts, providing you with a calm and content hound to return home to.

  • Your hound will have a wonderful time for the time specified, guaranteed

  • For your peace of mind you will receive a picture message of your dog having fun when out on his Hike 

  • We always train dogs to walk nicely with us as this makes for more enjoyable walks for both us and the dogs not to mention also preventing injury for the hounds. 

  • Clients tell us how much their dog has improved on lead, or on lead when they pass or see other dogs

  • Positive, encouraging, reward based methods to ensure the hounds don't get into mischief or bad habits in our care.

  • Hikes are for hounds of all shapes and sizes, ages and breeds and will never walk more than four dogs at a time out in the country, pavements or parks – groups are carefully selected to be compatible together. 

  • Off lead Hikes are away from large numbers of dogs, or busy footpaths as this reduces the risk of any harm coming to your dog from other dogs being walked by the public. 

  • Team HH are all trained in various methods to scare away any loose dogs that may cause harm to the dogs we are hiking. 

  • The safety, happiness and well-being of your pets is our priority at all times.


• 1x Hour Hound Hike £17


• 1x Hour Hound Hike for 2 Dogs £25

If your dog isn't sociable with others or is a puppy under 12 months, don't fear we have ways we can support you! 

Sound good? Get in touch here so we can arrange to pop over and meet you and your hound
Please check and tick

What our clients have to say

What Clients have to say about Hound Hikes 

Sam Robinson & Bailey 

Sarah and her team have helped us raise our dog Bailey, from a puppy. Puppyhood was a huge challenge.  Sarah helped me to remain calm and in control and provided me with expert, practical tips to help with specific problems that arose. 


Bailey sits at the window every day, waiting eagerly for his Houndhelpers hike to begin. The daily pictures inform us of how he’s got on and give an insight of the fun he’s had, often swimming in river, off lead fun and games, catching a ball etc. The walks are varied and exciting.



Houndhelpers provide a very efficient, friendly service that’s good value for money. I also always feel able to ask for advice and support when needed and so would recommend Houndhelpers to anyone looking for dog walking, training and grooming services.

Karen Boers & Tommy 

We were delighted when Karen got back in touch, we used to have her wonderful Ozzy on Hikes before he passed away in 2018

Sarah and her team have really helped our family. 

We have accessed some of her 1:1 training sessions. 

A group training package; connected canine.

Our pup also goes out regularly for walks and puppy training whilst we’re out at work. 

All of this has been invaluable in welcoming, settling and training our Staffy puppy. 

Sarah is so knowledgable and professional; offering and providing a wealth of information, advice and strategies. 

Her staff always follow Sarah’s training and guidelines and work to the greatest of standards. 

Our puppy is a year old now and we are still learning! 

Sarah and her team will still be there every step of the way.

Tommy looks forward to his walk out with the hound helpers and we can go to work knowing he will get his exercise and be a tired pup when we get home !!! 

Thank you HH

Claire Simon & Benji 

Benji is a rescue dog and has always been very wary and nervous on walks. Since starting group walks with Hound Helpers he has grown in confidence which is so nice to see.


Sarah and her team are always willing to help us when needed and we couldn’t be happier with their fantastic service.

Our circumstances have changes a few times since we have been using HH and they have been flexible and adjusted to support us each step fo the way. I'm so pleased we found them. 

Benji gets so excited, waiting at the door on his Hike days! It's so lovely to see him so happy.

Tracy Lister with Molly & Macmillan

The team at HH offer an exceptional service - including dog walking, grooming, as well as training and expert advice as and when required.


The staff are always friendly, professional and reliable and clearly know our dogs well. 


I love the pup-dates when they’re out on walks - it’s so lovely to see what they’ve been up to with their fluffy friends ! 


I would highly recommend Hound Helpers - and so would Molly and McMillan! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (and two waggy tails) 



No other dog whisperer for us!!! Xx

Sound good? Get in touch here so we can arrange to pop over and meet you and your hound
Please check and tick

No Sign written Vehicles 

To keep your home and beloved pooch safe - we don't want to give a beacon to burglars that no one is home.

HIkes in varied



We are more often out in the countryside, varying routes, terrain and activities to ensure your hound has the best time

Highly trained



DBS/Police Checked, Insured & Pet first aid trained

countless courses and hours of training with the experts before achieving Hiker status - to ensure your furry family member is in the very best hands 

Discretion & 


We do not have sign written vehicles to ensure the safety of your property and to help prevent dog theft. 

All Client details are kept secure and keys are not labelled.

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