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one size does not fit all

Each dog and owner is different - I tailor my training to meet both of your needs

Is your dog bored and driving you insane with his incessant barking and pulling on the lead?


Are you tried of telling your dog off all the time and do you feel helpless and lost with what to do next?


Well, most naughty dogs aren't naughty at all they are just bored or misunderstood. Providing some training, structure and routine will transform them into calm capable canines.


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you felt in control and actually looked forward to taking your dog to the park?


Getting one to one training from the expert dog trainer can help you quickly move forward and find a permanent solution to your stress dog problems. 


Book a consultation with Sarah today and let me help you build a better relationship with your dog.

You can count on honesty, practical training and results with Sarah Roper ABTC ATI QIDTI KCAI CD R (was Bartlett)

Animal Behaviour and Training Council Animal Training Instructor

The Canine Behaviour and Training Society Dog Training Instructor

Qualified International Dog Training Instructor

Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Companion Dog Training and KC Rally

Canine First Responder Instructor

Evesham Journal Columnist

Edition Dog Magazine Columnist

The Mirror Online featured dog training expert

Author of Books  - Another Pup? Puppy Prepared & The Complete PupStar Guide (available on Amazon or direct from Sarah)

KC Rally Judge - All Levels

GCDS Assessor - All Levels

‘I want to say a big thank you to Sarah for helping me with my new best friend! For helping me laying down some great training foundations for my young pup and I!! It’s given me a new confidence going on walks and so much interesting information about dogs. So glad I saw your van and picked up the magnet Hound Helpers and stuck it to my fridge, for when I was ready to get my next Best friend. Thank you and your team.’

Darcey R.

‘A wonderful, professional service. Connie is transformed and so (probably) am I. Thank you Sarah’

Celia H.

'The training that I’ve done with Hound Helpers and Sarah has been invaluable. The advice and support I received has made such a huge difference. I feel more confident walking my dog and not worrying he’ll run off at any moment. I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough.'

Josie L.

Focus = Freedom

Puppy Training

One on One Time

Let us take your puppy from a mini T-Rex to a PupStar!

In these sessions we will cover all you need.

Walking on lead, off lead (when they are old enough to be on walks), sit, down, stand, grooming/handling, wait, stay, leave it, give. Also lots of advice on diet, mouthing, jumping up, neutering, dog law, socialisation etc. I will often bring one or two of my dogs to meet puppy in the last session, where we can discuss and practice puppy greeting dogs appropriately on lead. 

Best started just a few days after puppy comes home to make sure you get started on the right foot, preventing bad habits before they form.

Our training packages can be used in conjunction with training classes - though most owners don't feel the need for classes after the package.

Three sessions in your home  plus a 6 week online course and all further suitable resources for an investment of only £295. This offers you a saving of £95! Suitable for puppies between 8 & 16 weeks of age.

Puppy training dog

Training Packages

Socialization and Relief

Tailored packages for  - 

Pulling on lead

Jumping Up

Adolescent / Pushy Puppy

Not coming back when called

Multi-dog Mayhem

Pre - Baby Preparation

Prices start from just £325 

training class

Bespoke Training Sessions

Out and About

Exclusive Dog Training Sessions with the Only Qualified International Dog Instructor in your area.


Are you battling with your dog? Does it feel like a real struggle with them sometimes?


Maybe even feel like they are untrainable or you can’t find a way to train or improve their behaviour?

I have helped hundreds of clients who once felt like this. After just a few sessions, together we have managed to improve theirs and their dog's lives and behaviour beyond what they could have imagined.


We do this through increasing the bond, training using positive reward based methods and play. 


Not everyone can or wants to attend training classes, private sessions mean you get exclusive access to ask questions till your hearts content.  

We can work on all those little things (and big things) that get you down and frustrate you, in the environment that they cause the problem.

In person sessions are around £95 per hour, though generous discounts apply to package investments.

Sitting Dog
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