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only the best for your hounds!

After providing a grooming service for over ten years for our clients of Hikes and training, Sarah has handed over the reins to Christine. Chris has had the pleasure of grooming dogs for over 40 years, with no visions of retiring - she adores pampering dogs too much to give up!


Highly qualified and experienced in all types of breeds, coat types and the needs of individual dogs and owners.

A chesterfield sofa for the dogs to relax on, blueberry facials, EmmiPet ultrasonic teeth cleaning, patience, cuddles, air conditioning.. the list goes on.


I wish I could have a chesterfield to relax on and have a blueberry facial!


A true contactless and safe protocol for pick up and drop off for covid times, happy dogs and owners.

Our luxury dog spa is in Lower Moor at HH HQ, safety and pampering guaranteed.


As you can see, Lupus found it so relaxing he decided to have a snooze on the chesterfield while he waited for his sisters to finish their pampering session!

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Currently Closed till further notice 


Jan Mascall

Sooty - PekePoo

My dog goes every four weeks for a groom. Always fantastic. Can't fault them my soot has been going for almost 8 years never had a bad groom. I am picky so he has to be cut as I like it. Can't complain as it is always as I want it.


Corina Baines 

Dexter - Pug

So pleased he's been so good...I'm surprised because he's mad with us. He needs to come more often to yours!

Thank you very much he looks and smells so nice. 


Rob Hall

Jazz & Lily GSD,  Poppy Cavapoo & Lupus Malamute 

I love how Sarah and Chris look after my guys, they ave been going to them for 3 years now. I don't make it easy on them as I walk my dogs in mud and they swim everyday. They are all so happy to go each time and I know that they are in the best hands. My dogs are my life so I'm so pleased to have finally found Hound Helpers, they adore them as much as I do. 

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