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What's Included?


Monthly socials - 1.5 hrs at different venues in the Pershore & Evesham areas.
A mixture of walks, training & a sit down at a pub or cafe for a catch up chat. While the dogs settle.


Whatsapp/Facebook support group


Accountability, more access and help from me


Monthly group video calls - ‘A look over my shoulder’ / LOMS type call where I will share my latest projects, learning or what I’m working on with my own dogs with Q&A sessions at the end for you to pick my brain


Feedback on training videos you send


Monthly projects and tasks for training with step by step easy to follow plans


Access to an online course of your choice from the Hound Hub - these range from £35 - £295!


Discounts on workshops and seminars


15% discount on one to one training sessions with me (both in person and video calls)


Free access to all new online courses I run!

This is just the start! There will be more benefits and features added as the club grows and progresses, by joining now you can help shape this wonderful community and as a founding member you will reap all the future benefits and be locked in at the low rate of just £30 per month for as long as you are a member! 


We start in May! Yes we get started this month, and the price will only go up with each term/opening for membership. Join me now to avoid missing out!

What others say

Here’s what members of our covid club had to say about their membership and being part of the HH Family. This was just a 3 month membership! Imagine having me in person as well as online and for longer! 

D Llewellyn

Sarah has the ability to listen, convey her message and deliver it remotely with clarity, passion and humour, via FB Groups, phone calls, email and Zoom chats.  This has been invaluable to me during lockdown.   My confidence and trust in my dogs has increased and with it the desire to move forward in our journey.  Thank you Sarah

G McKenna

I have been so grateful for Sarah's help during lockdown, she has been so patient and helpful getting me practised on Zoom and listening to my issues with 3 dogs (plus recognising how far we have come already taking on 2  'preloved' dogs). She listens carefully, asks clever questions and has noticed behaviours in my dogs that I hadn't and therefore couldn’t address.  With the guidance she has given me, I feel like I am improving the harmony in my house in these challenging times and feel confident I am setting myself and my dogs up for success after lockdown too. 

I highly recommend Sarah's training approach which I can see is very effective!

C Turton

I have lost my confidence with my German Shepherd puppy as he has grown bigger and stronger. He barks at anything so taking him on a walk has been hard. During the lock down I joined Sarah support group and she has helped me immensely putting into place smaller steps to help my confidence as well as Apollo’s. 

Her help has been invaluable and I’m confident both me and my puppy will proudly walk the streets in the weeks to come. 

Knowing I can ask questions and get help has allowed me to see there is an end in sight. 

Thank you Sarah. 🐶🐾🐾🐾

All of this help was provided online only and for just 3 months!


You can benefit from me in person too this time! 

I’m inviting you to become part of this community, to help you progress and smash your goals with your dog. 

Imagine where you could be enjoying your dog in 3 or 6 months time just for £30 a month! 


One to one packages with me start at £195 and individual sessions start at £75 per hour.


Massive savings to be had for so little investment. 

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