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Small group classes 

1 trainer per 3 dogs as a maximum

  • Wednesday Classes

  • currently running courses for puppies, Adult Dogs & for Barky/overexcitable dogs

  • We use kind and positive methods to help you achieve a better bond and a better life with your dog through fun instruction and training.



Fast Pass Masterclasses (2 -3hours) running regularly to conquor following issues  - 

  • Jumping up

  • Loose lead walking

  • Coming back when called 

Guest trainers and speakers planned for 2020 too.


Ros Fisher (Reactive Rover)

Very calm, clear instructions, encouraging, friendly & reassuring. many thanks for all your help with Otto

Nicola Kadem (Reactive Rover)

Really Pleased with Bluebell's progress but more pleased with my own progress! Thanks Sarah, Thanks Deb.

Ali Tyrrell (Reactive Rover)

Amazing how much we achieved in a short time, would like to do more!

Venue -

K9ASE, Twyford Evesham 

Indoor training on astro turf, outdoor training on a sand/horse menage surface and also in a secure grass paddock.


No slippy, village hall flooring here!

Class Types


Open to puppies under 6 months of age.
Confidence building, getting the right foundations, working on them concentrating on you while around other dogs, making training fun for both puppy and owner! Making the most of the socialisation period.

Maximin of 6 puppies per class -  one trainer to three puppies ratio. 

Connected Canine

Open to all dogs from 6 months old (no upper age limit).
Working on that all important bond and focus on you, with distractions. Building the trust in each other and having fun at the same time!

Maximum of 6 dogs per class - one trainer to three dogs ratio

Reactive Rover

For all dogs who get barky or growly around other dogs or dogs who get over excited around other dogs. A smaller class and the first session is two hours long, without your dog so we can get down to the nitty gritty of how to approach the issue and help you to understand why they are how they are. The remaining four weeks are with the dogs giving you lots of time and tools to practice with when around other dogs to turn them into a calm canine.

Maximum of four dogs per class  - one trainer to two dogs ratio

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