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They are not the right thing for everyone or every dog no. I’m a firm believer in picking and choosing what is right for you and your canine companion. Just because you think you should take your dog to classes or someone has told you should, does this mean that it wil...

 Your dog is part of your family and if you're looking for someone to take him out while you're busy at work or with the kids, then you're a damn good owner. However finding the right person can be a minefield and with so many horror stories on social media, it can mak...

While you’re enjoying the festivities it’s easy to get distracted making it easier for your pooch to access things that may harm or kill them!

Here are the main things to avoid -

  1. Christmas pudding

  2. mince pies

  3. Christmas cake

  4. Alcohol

  5. Grapes,

  6. Rai...

I'm not talking about literally giving your dogs marmite! (please don't)

Marmite is a love it or hate it thing isn't it? There isn't really a middle ground. 

Remember way back when you were at school, you did better with the teachers you liked than the teachers you didn'...

Between training, walks, admin, emails and some sort of a social life, in the dark hours of the night I have been typing away since March, working on my new book.

The book was published on Amazon and Kindle in September and I’m very excited to be getting the word out th...

In 11 years of business there is one thing that still saddens me and has done from the start.

What saddens me about this industry is that it remains to this day, unregulated.

This is not just dog walkers, it applies to trainers, groomers, day care establishments and much...

This summer  saw the launch of our free email training series which has proved a popular hit and made a difference to so many dogs and owners.

Please just drop me a message if you want in, or fill out the sign up form.

Here is a little sneak peak of what you can expect;


 Now I don’t know about you but I’m all for having ‘kit’  whether it be cooking gadgets,  stationary (don’t get me started…hubby has banned me from going to Staples!), all the latest gear for my pony, the most efficient layers/thermal skins for the cold weather… and t...

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October 23, 2018

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