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HELP! My dog is barking at everything!


You are secretly dreading walking your dog, embarrassed to be seen out with them because they are like the hound from hell yelling at everything in sight.

Your friends and family tell you you need to take control and sort it out.

People look at you as if you can’t control them and you feel defeated after every walk.

You feel lost because you don’t know what to do!

You have tried treats, you have tried telling them off, and yet nothing is working.


You are stuck.

I have been there, I have felt the anxiety, the defeat and all the emotions and the pressure that comes with loving your dog but at a total loss to where to turn, how to help them and wonder even if it is possible.

I did it, I turned everything around, I once again enjoyed stress free walks and the relief and pride at reaching my goals which made life so much easier.


The feeling of liberation at not having to worry anymore.


Want to know how?

Learn why your dog does it, how to help them and how to become the dream team.

Defeated to Dream team was a free webinar I provided for Struggling owners and their barking dogs, have a watch and see how you can help them now, for free!

Grab your copy of the sensitive dogs feature I wrote for Edition Dog magazine here -

Find out why your dog isn't protecting you here -

How we can help you and your Barking dog 



Group Sessions 

Our Reactive Rover Classes maybe a scary thought for some, but these are our most popular courses, with some amazing results and feedback from clients. 

How does it work? Surely a room full of barking dogs is a nightmare! 

We have visual barriers to help the dogs feel safe and we ensure everything is calm and reassuring, meaning we have very minimal barking. 

We have safe spaces for each dog and owner to retreat to between training.

You will be taught the main methods to help your dog feel more confident and relaxed around other dogs and you get to practice in an environment where you are taken care of and guided expertly for the best results. 

Being part of a small community of people who know exactly just how hard it is to own a barky dog offers a wonderful support to know you aren't the only one and that others are going through the same struggles and emotions. 

The Reactive Rover course comprises of 4 in person group sessions and 5 online classes. 

The course is held over a period of five weeks

4 dogs per group

2 Expert Trainers

A blended learning approach ensures you have all the skills you need to learn and practice before being in the presence of other dogs. 


This way ensures you and your dog don't get overwhelmed trying to learn news skills all while feeling the pressure of being in front of others and their dogs. 

To help you feel calm and in control we provide clear instruction and calm support throughout. 

Opportunities to attend catch up sessions to ensure continued progress around once a month after you have graduated too 

Ongoing support via email and through our support group.

Access to the online classes after for you to revisit as many times as you like. 

The investment for these Courses is £150 and £25 per optional catch up session thereafter. 

Classes are held on Wednesday evenings at K9ASE Twyford, Evesham. 

If you would like to join us for one of these courses please get in touch here - 

Testimonials from Clients

Pictures of venue and set up, possibly video too 


How the group sessions look


Home Study Course 

If you are stuck for time or looking for a low investment option, then this is the one for you. 

Immediate access to all the answers you need, self driven home study, you can also book a call to trouble shoot problems with Sarah. 

  • 5 On demand video classes 

  • Demo videos


  • Ideal for dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs

  • Over excitable around other dogs

  • Learn how to understand why your dog does what they do

  • How to read them and all the tools you need to move forward

The answers and solutions you need to get an easier life with your dog, to get that smug feeling when walking past other dogs. Learning from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you like as long as you have internet access and accessible day and night, 24/7.

All of this for in investment of just £45. 

Clicking the button below will take you to the payment page, it will ask you to become a member before you can pay. Sign up to become a member (free) and wait for an email from me before returning to check out. Once you have invested, you will be able to access the home study course immediately. 


Private Help with the Expert

Maybe your dog has bitten, you cant make it to group sessions or just want individual coaching. 

Private help often consists of an 8 week program, with a mixture of face to face sessions, calls, and online learning. 

Clear goals set after an initial coaching and discovery call with Sarah. 

Sarah will often  bring her own dogs or other stooge dogs to work with, to help your dog and to give you a controlled and practical way to practice the methods you will learn as part of the program. 

Face to face training can be at your home or at a place of your choosing, provided it is suitable for the learning stage you are at as a team.


Positive, reassuring and encouraging coaching and tuition from the expert who has been through all the issues and emotions you are experiencing. 


Bert (Front) was barking and lunging at other dogs after he had a few unfortunate incidents with other dogs. One of which meant a vets visit after being bitten on his private parts! He had every reason to not like other dogs. After a few sessions together with Sarah this is Bert, his 'brother'  House to the left and Sarah's dog Mica in the background, Bert has a long line on for safety but it was just trailing on the ground and this is after chasing the ball with the other two dogs.

Im so Prod of him and his owner for the progress they have made.  

Indie, a lovely young Doberman cross who was struggling and unconfident around dogs and people, she now enjoys social walks regularly and the bond between her and her owner has blossomed, so has their confidence together! 


This Lab cross was a rescue from abroad and has a multiple bite history, she has inflicted serious wounds on other dogs, and has got so over aroused in the past that she has redirected her frustration and bitten her owner more than once, breaking the skin. A more severe case, safety first at all times but big leaps of progress are being made. Sarah was the third Trainer the owner had worked with after finding other professionals advice was not working for them as a team.  

The picture shows one of Sarahs dogs and The owner was brought to tears at the progress made in this one session, for her girl to get so close and not be barking or lunging or growling at Sarah's dog. 

Not sure which is best for you?

Don't worry, just drop us an email to chat more about the best option and fit for you and your hound. There are always ways to mix and match the options too. 

More about Sarah & her own Reactive Rovers


Bella, Rolo and Fern have all been steep learning curves for me.

Bella  (rotty mix) was my first big dog outside of the family home and its because of her that I became a dog trainer, to help others avoid what I went through.


It was heartbreaking.

There were many reasons why Bella's behaviour deteriorated and she had every right to be worried about people and dogs, she went to bite my partners throat and attacked an elderly dog who was on a lead... 

I wondered where my lovely girl had gone, the one who was happy and sociable. I had done all the training classes, taken her everywhere with me, socialised her, she wasn't a rescue so it left me wondering where it had all gone wrong. 

 I blamed myself and I felt like I had failed her. 

Rolo was a rescue Doberman who was good with my other two dogs but took a real dislike to every other dog. 

Fern, a little Dach, still with us and despite a shakey start, being a reactive rover from a puppy, down to her genetics and her mothers influence. She has overcome so much and is now often used as a stooge dog for other reactive rovers and has even competed in dog sports, being the first female Dachshund of all 6 varieties to reach the highest level title and  she also made it to the Obreedience finals at crufts! 


I really get what you are going through and until you have a reactive rover, no one really, truly gets the emotional toll it takes. There is no better feeling though than to overcome the obstacles, grow as a team and be able to tackle the world without the worry and anxiety. 

I have been professionally training dogs for over 10 years, I am a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in companion dog training and in KC Rally.  A qualified International Dog training Instructor, GCDS assessor, KC Rally Judge, Canine First Responder Instructor, author of two books, keynote speaker, Edition dog magazine columnist, evesham Journal Columnist and have featured int he national press such at the mirror, the express, country living, and too many more to count. 

Above all, I am human, I have made many mistakes, I have a sense of humour and I love to support other owners who are struggling with their dogs. 

I currently share my home & heart with five dogs and I also have a Fell pony who I love to spend time with too. 

22547_345307903416_5221140_n (1).jpg

Sarah & Fern competing above, Sarah and Bella in 2007 top right and Rolo right. 

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