Help for you and your hound while we are on lockdown! 

Our classes have now gone online & we have a support group for dog owners during this time. Join us! 

Check out my most recent blogs to help you keep your dog occupied while they are on restricted walks & learn how to prevent separation anxiety.

You can book a video call with me too!

If you need an online training course for your young dog or recent rescue dog, we have the good dog course just for you! 

We are not going anywhere and we are working so very hard on many new ways to help you. Times are strange and stressful, let us hold your hand and guide you through with your hound. 

Szkolenie psów

Kwalifikowany międzynarodowy instruktor szkolenia psów

Hound Hikes

Każdy pies chce być psem pomocnika ogara!

Pamper Parlor

Nasze luksusowe spa dla psów jest tutaj, aby traktować twojego psa jak królewskość!

Klasy szkolenia psów

Trening z ciekawym akcentem


Fantastyczna, niezawodna i fachowa obsługa. One stop shop dla wszystkich potrzeb Molly. Gorąco polecam

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