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Sarah Bartlett KCAI CD R

GSDS Gold Examiner

KC Rally Judge - All levels

Canine First Responder Instructor









Why Choose Sarah...



Having had dogs and animals for as long as she can remember Sarah has always felt a connection with not only dogs but all animals. Over her lifetime she has owned dogs, cats, goats, ducks, chickens, reptiles, pet birds of various breeds, bred two breeds of rabbits and four breeds of guinea pigs, and currently breeds miniature longhaired dachshunds, theses are to name but a few, I think it is safe to say she is an avid animal lover.


She worked at a western horse riding ranch with over 15 horses for a number of years from a young age. She was an assistant manager in two independent pet shops, one being a grooming salon. Sarah Volunteered at Manchester dogs home and then progressed to work in high class kennels before finally taking the plunge and founding Hound Helpers Ltd in early 2007.


Since then she has attended many dog training and behaviour courses, some of which include a 21day course in India. She has trained dogs to perform skills such as explosive detection, hearing dogs and guide dog tasks to name but a few. She has attended specialist courses in canine crime scene investigation, solving recall issues and on lead aggression, not to mention courses run by Shaun Ellis (The Wolfman) from the Discovery Channel.


Sarah's ethics are to help owners and dogs improve their quality of life through improving that all important bond. Sarah understands that every dog and owner is different, with different requirements expectations and lifestyles. She never uses harsh handling methods and will strive to help you get the very best out of your best friend(s).


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