Terms and Conditions

We pride ourselves on being the best and as such we like to be as transparent as possible and want to be upfront about what you are signing up for, so no nasty surprises.


We are all about helping you and your hounds to have an easier and better life but we do have rules to protect you, your pets and ourselves.



Please click here to view our contract of service



Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this and we will be happy to discuss.

We have some clients who would rather their pet’s pictures not to be published or used in anyway other than to be sent to them to confirm services have been carried out. This can be to prevent theft or if the client is a celebrity for example. This is not an issue and that paragraph is simply removed.


When you register on our client portal you will be required to click agree to these conditions as part of the process. When we pop over to meet you we will also bring two printed copies of the same document, both signed by ourselves for you to sign one and return to us and one to keep as a hard copy for future reference.


If you are a new client booking anything other than grooming services you will be required to pay a £30 deposit toward any future bookings prior to our visit to meet you and your pets. This is fully refundable should you decide to not book with us. Our bank details are included in the terms and conditions (please click on the button) above.


We are now celebrating our 10year anniversary of business so have plenty of experience of dogs of all sizes, shapes, ages and abilities.


                                                                                   We look forward to hearing from you!



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