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Hound Helpers Ltd are able to offer our puppy visit service to ensure your puppy is set up with the vital skills and training required to be a well behaved sociable dog in the future.



We cover all the basic commands, and train your puppy to walk nicely on the lead and interact with other dogs correctly. Now this does not mean you can just leave it to us to train your puppy, but we will not let them get into mischief or bad habits whilst in our care and do our upmost to improve any training you have done. All five of us are usually involved in puppy visits, as the more people that are training your puppy the more they will accept that that’s how they have to behave with everybody, not just us and you as owners but also visitors etc. Training is an excellent way to tire your puppy out - at a young age we are mindful that you can over exercise them and so do a mixture of walking, playing, feeding if required and training appropriate to age, size and breed. Puppies get priority for times with lunchtime visits as we understand their little bladders can’t hang on for too long.



Our training package can be used in conjunction with other training classes.  



30 Minute Visit £15


1 Hour Visit £20


Once your puppy has reached 10-12months of age they can be moved onto the lower dog walking price and will be carefully integrated into group walks, with extra care being take to train them to stil come when called with the distraction of other dogs and to walk on lead nicely with the other dogs also.



Area's Covered: Pershore and Evesham Districts ( Worcestershire )  

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