Puppy Training 



Very similar to our one to one sessions.


Sarah is currently writing a book on puppy development, you can get access to all of the content and advice in the book before its published!


We no longer offer Puppy Classes as we have found it more beneficial to puppies and owners to offer four, one hour long one to one sessions within their home for an investment of only £105.

This offers you a saving of £75!


The sessions cover basic training, advice on socialisation, stopping mouthing and jumping up, neutering, dog law, house training, diet and much more.


Great for training the whole family at a time to suit everybody.


This package is particularly helpful for in those crucial weeks before your puppy is 'allowed out' after vaccinations.


Once these sessions are completed the puppies and owners are more equipped to join classes enabling you to progress faster through the course.


This can be combined with puppy visits (under Dog Walking), please ask about our Puppy Package.


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