Pet Tags



Failure to Display an ID Tag on the Dogs Collar with correct details can result in a fine of up to £5000!



Not many people are aware that it is not only a legal requirement for your dog to wear an ID tag, not only that but there are also minimum legal requirements for what details are on there.


Let me clear a few things up, these are questions I get asked regarding this regularly.


Q: But my dog is micro chipped surely that's enough?


A: Unfortunately not, it is always helpful for your dog to have a microchip, but an ID tag is still required, even if you have a disc stating your dog is micro chipped, this is still not sufficient. Saying that, it will not do any harm to either state this on your ID tag or have an additional tag saying 'I'm Chipped'.


Q: I have a small barrel fixed to my dog's collar with my details on a piece of paper inside it, is this ok?


A: Unfortunately not, details need to be immediately visible.


Q: My dog doesn't walk on a collar so doesn't wear one at all, can I fix an ID tag to his harness?


A: Again, this is NOT ok as many harnesses are quite easy for the dog to remove when off lead.


Q: I don't want my dogs name on the tag / should I put my dogs name on the tag?


A: This is personal choice, a lot of people are of the opinion it helps dog thieves, my personal opinion is if a thief is close enough to your dog to read the tag, they are close enough to steal him/her anyway. As long as your Surname is there it really is your choice whether or not you also have the dogs name too.


The Legal requirement is that all dogs should wear a collar with an ID tag attached to it displaying a minimum of your FULL address (a house number and postcode is not acceptable) and your surname when in a public place at all times.



 Exceptions: working, service or assistance dogs and show dogs whilst in the show ring.


This is due to Liability purposes for example, should your dog escape and cause a road accident, you will be responsible for any damage to cars, environment and people. Most pet insurance companies provide public liability cover as part of your policy; this is an example of where this will come in handy. Should you not have pet insurance, the Dogs Trust Provide a policy for Public Liability only for about £20 per year, this can be worth its weight in gold.


Microchips, tattoos etc are not enough for this purpose as you require equipment or a phone to then find out further details, of which someone may not have, I'm sure you don't walk around with a microchip scanner, as I don't. A small barrel isn't enough either - think if an elderly person found your dog roaming…they may not be able to screw the barrel open nor read the small writing. The same for house numbers and postcodes…you require the internet to find out the area for a postcode, not everyone has access to the internet.


It is then your choice whether you want a phone number/s on the tag or not. Space on the tag and clarity of the text is also dependant on the amount of text engraved onto the tag….so if you have a rather long address and or want more than one number consider the design you are looking at, many designs can have both sides engraved, or you can have more than one tag if you desire. Many people prefer to have their home number on the ID tag as mobile numbers change so frequently, but consider the possibility of your dog going missing…you will more than likely be out looking for them so a mobile number would be most useful. Jjust remember to get a new tag when you replace your mobile number…..after all the cost of another tag is little to ask to get your dog back in an emergency, especially if you are on holiday with your pooch.


Our tags engraved on site


Delivery can be arranged (if required) within 5 working days from only £4 plus postage of £1 for up to three tags, please email us the design required along with details to be engraved…..2nd side engraving is charged at only 50p


All prices include one side engraving, 2nd side engraving where possible is charged at only 50p, and this can be text or a picture from our database


Coloured Anodised tags are £4 each


Swarovski crystal tags only £6 each


Stainless Steel Tags only £6 each