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The Kennel Club took over contol of the new fun dog sport of Rally in 2013. The sport is still evolving but always has a wonderful and supporting atmosphere at Rally shows. Rally comprises of a course of signs or stations which you navigate around with your dog, each sign/station telling you what excercise to complete with your dog before progressing to the next station. The Judge will deduct marks for things like a tight lead or giving additional commands and your final score is out of 200 (or 2010 if you have opted to do the bonus exercise). A qualifying score is 170 or above and an 'excellent' score is 190 or above. There are 6 levels in Rally, progression to the next level requires three qualifying scores under three different judges in each level. level one excersises range from change of pace on lead with your dog, asking your dog to sit next to you, walking around your dog when they are in a sit or a down and a basic recall, each level greadually increases in difficulty with some of the more compicated signs in level 6 involving a formal competative obedince style retrieve, distance control and training your dog to walk backwards both at the side of you and in front of you, all exercises at level three and above are performed off lead.

The ethics of Rally is all about increasing the bond with your dog, not tugging on their lead, nor forcing them into any position and increasing your general control which can then be applied to every day life with your dog.

Rally is open to all breeds and ages of dogs and enables handlers with disabilities to compete too!

When competing in Rally you are only competing against yourself, trying to achive a better score than last time, progression to the next level does not require 'winning' the class like most other dog sports. Above all its all about having a lovely day out with your dog and having fun!



Sarah's Knowledge and Experience in KC Rally


I am now proud to announce I am the third person the be awarded the Kennel Cub Accredited Instructor award in KC Rally.


I competed in Rally with my shaded cream Miniature Longhaired Dachshund boy Moss for the first time in October 2013 gaining an Excellent qualifying score at our first attempt in Level 1. I wasnt able to compete again until the spring of 2014 due to other commitments but also entered Merlin (my flatcoat retreiver) and Fern (my female mini longhaired Dachshund) alongside Moss - all gaining qualifying scores, which of course I was very pleased with.


By the end of 2014 Moss had gained his first two qualifying scores towards his Level 3 title (levels 3 and above are performed off lead). Fern & Merlin had both achieved their Level 2 titles. I had completed my Rally judges training and had scribed for other judges. My first Judging appointment was for Level one at the same show I had competed at for the first time, just twelve months before (this was at Wootten Basset).  

I had to retire Merlin from competing in the spring of 2015 due to his health issues but opted to compete with my eldest Dachshund Ziggy instead  (9 and a half years old at the time). Ziggy has now only one more qualifying score to achieve before gaining his Level 6 title!


I have provided numerous workshops and training courses in Rally for other organisations and training clubs in the past two years and I am always open to invitations to do more.


I also regularly teach KC rally on a one to one basis so please contact me if you would like to discuss booking a session, this could be a one off session to work on specifics that you may be struggling with (as an established competitor), or as an introduction to Rally to see if you fancy working toward competing, as a fun treat for you and your dog or as regular thing.

I have all of my own equipment and signs so can bring them to you if required.



Achievements to date in KC Rally as of 16th July 2016 -


Moss - Idirsholas Jazz's Gift RL6 - the first of all six varieties of Dachshund to achieve his Level 6 title (the highest level in Rally). He has also been placed in the top six scores five times over. Owned, trained, hand reared and bred by myself.


Fern - Ambyth Diva Lass Vegas for Idirsholas RL6 - Fern is the first female Dachshund of all the six varieties to achieve a title at the highest level of Rally.  Plus only the second ever Dachshund (the first being Moss).  She has also been placed in the top six scores three times over during her Rally career.


Ziggy - Future Legend of Idirsholas RL5 - at 10 and half years old, plus two Level 6 qualifying scores (one more to go for RL6). Ziggy has been placed in the top six scores twelve times over within the 12months he has been competing.




Merlin - Torwood Dark Adventure RL2 - now retired due to health issues.


Qualified KC Rally Judge for levels 1-6


Committee member for the Rally committee of Leamington DTC


I have shadowed Julie Barrett (KCAI Rally Advanced) in the role of Chief Rally Steward


Attended the first Rally Management Seminar run by the Kennel Club Rally Working Party


Moss and I were invited to be part of the Crufts Dog Activities Rally Display team in 2015 which was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.


I train handlers regularly in all things Rally including the rules and regulations, ring etiquette, warm ups, routines for handler and dog when entering the ring, and of course all excercises and stations in all levels of Rally.


I have also attended many training courses in Rally including 'An introduction to KC Rally' and 'how to take a Rally class' with Julie Barrett KCAI Rally Advanced. Plus training days and sessions with various other trainers and members of the Rally Working Party.


Pictures of my Workshops and of me working my dogs have been publicised in numerous publications such as Dog Training Weekly, the Kennel Gazette and most recently a picture of Fern and I features on the new 'Beginners guide to Rally' flyer by The Kennel club  (link below)



If you would like to know more about Rally either contact me directly via email (sarah@houndhelpers.co.uk) or take a look at some of the links below:


                               For competitions, results, training clubs, workshops and courses.




                                                        Introduction to KC Rally flyer featuring a picture of Fern and I.




                                                              Including descriptions of each sign/station and how Rally is marked by a Judge.




Credit and Copyright to the lovely Yulia Titovets (the Kennel Club) for Pictures 1,2 & 4 above.


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