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Marty the rescue terrier mix, before and after a pampering session at our salon.


Please note that unfortunately we are currently unable to accept and new Grooming clients. Priority is being given to our existing clients of other services such as training and walking to ensure the best possible service while we are short staffed.



We know that your pets are your family and only want the best for them. This is why we have a dedicated grooming building containing all the very latest equipment to ensure your pet is safe and relaxed.


So why not bring them to us for grooming even if it's just a bath we can bet you will be coming back time and time again.


We are very competitively priced and provide excellent service to you and your pets with free parking.


The team at Hound Helpers Ltd are keen dog and cat lovers, we share in the same passion of promoting your pets happiness and welfare throughout the grooming session.


We only use kind loving techniques.


You tell us what kind of cut you want and we will endeavour to meet your needs and explain to you the maintenance required.


We also take into consideration your pets temperament, condition and lifestyle.


Prices vary with regard to breed and cut, please ask for an individual quote.


Puppy 1st groom; Bath, dry, feet trim and brush out, with plenty of reassurance to ensure a pleasant experience for a young dog. Suitable for puppies up to 6 months of age prices start at £18.


Springer or Cocker spaniel clip or trim - £25-£30


Labrador Bath and dry - £20


Hand stripping - from £20


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