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Q: Can you walk my dog when we are out, if yes how does this work?


A: We are all police checked an insured, and will provide you with proof of this when we visit you to organise future walks and services. Sarah will visit you in your home at your convenience; fill out some forms with information about your requirements, your dogs' routine, your emergency contact details and vets details in case of emergency. You can either provide Sarah with a key in this meeting or this can be at a later date, some clients prefer to leave a key in a secure place outside the house so Sarah can then leave the key when leaving ( this is useful for clients in rented accommodation where only a set number of keys are available). Alternatively you can provide Sarah with a key as part of the key holding service (please see Key Holding page for details), Sarah will then visit your property to walk your dog/s at the time and length of walk/visit specified by you. If your dog is unwell or has mobility problems she can sit, groom, feed and play with your dog with a short walk if required for the booking.


Q: What if my pet needs medication administering whilst in your care?


A: With many years experience of all types of pets Sarah is well equipped to administer medicines to animals whether its tablets, creams, dressings or injections.


There is no extra charge for this service.


Q: My Dog Is a Working/service/assistance dog; I'm worried you may 'ruin' my dog by your methods…..


A: Sarah has cared for a wide range of dogs in the past including guide dogs, security dogs and working gundogs. Not to mention trained many dogs for many 'jobs' including scent detection, hearing dog tasks, guide dogs tasks and many more. She is very aware of what damage can be done to a working dogs training when in the wrong hands. Sarah is very good at taking and sticking to instructions and will keep up any training and routines with the dog/s on all pet care visits. Sarah Is available for training sessions for working dogs, whether it's for novices to advanced or problem solving with a particular issue/task.


Q: We have had a dog walker before, but we found that they were not walking our dog for the time paid for, how can we be sure you are any different?


A: Sarah established Hound Helpers Ltd in early 2007 and has built up her clientele through word of mouth and recommendations. This is a full time job for Sarah and has a brand name to protect so would have no reason to not uphold bookings, not to mention she absolutely loves her job! She will either leave you with a note each day or text you, though most of the time we will send a picture message with details of your best friends activities and antics whilst with Sarah or the team.


Q: What if my dog runs off whilst out on a walk with Hound Helpers Ltd?


A: Sarah will only let your dog off after building up a bond and reliable recall with your dog, including some long line training. Should your dog have recall problems with you and you rarely if ever let your dog off lead Sarah can help with her one to one training sessions, she will only let your dog of in a secure environment until a recall response is reliable.


Q: My Dog is a bit grumbly around other dogs, would dog walks with other dogs help?


A: This is one of Sarah's favourite jobs; she has excellent results with it. She will first establish a bond with your dog, and work on some loose lead training, without other dogs initially. Then after a few walks introduce one of her Miniature Dachshunds, just on lead (one dog on each side) not letting the dogs sniff each other and take them for a steady and relaxing walk on lead. Sarah then repeats this process a few times before swapping Dachshunds, then them both, then introduce your dog to her Springer Spaniel Mica and in time her Flat Coated Retriever Merlin. This exposes your dog to a range of different sizes of dogs; all of Sarah's dogs are used to doing this and will pay your dog no attention. Sarah will then gradually build your dogs confidence in her dogs before letting them off lead with each one in turn ( not all together though) it is a process that can take anything from two weeks to six months and will obviously depend on how often Sarah is booked to visit. A training session or two with yourself maybe required toward the end of the process to enable you to carry on the work Sarah has been doing. Not all dogs are suitable for this program, if this is the case Sarah can help with a dog desensitization program available as part of her one to one training service.

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