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Every Dog wants to be a Hound Helpers Dog!


Is Fido getting fidgety? Rex getting restless?

Let us help, we can walk your dog(s) from your home at your convenience either as a one off or regularly.


We guarantee they will have had a wonderful time for the time specified, and for your peace of mind you will recieve a picture message of

your dog having fun when out on his walk.


Your furry friend can be walked alone or with other sociable dogs, on lead or mainly off lead -  it's your choice.


We are Police checked, highly trained and fully insured so you can be safe in the knowledge your dog and key are both very safe with us.


You will also have the peace of mind that instead of him bounding around wanting a walk when you get home from a long day at work

he will be tired and calm ready to curl up with you and relax.


We always train dogs to walk nicely with us as this makes for more enjoyable walks for both us and the dogs not to mention also preventing injury for the dogs (and us too of course).

I must stress that you may not necessarily see an improvement in your dog’s lead walking with you because dogs learn by association and associate us with walking in a certain way.

That said, we do hear from clients on a regular basis saying how much their dog has improved on lead, or on lead when they pass

or see other dogs.


Just like with our puppy visits we will not let them get into mischief or bad habits in our care, this is mainly through careful management,

keeping an eye out for other dogs when on and off lead and rewarding them for all of their good behaviour.


We walk dogs of all shapes and sizes, ages and breeds and will never walk more than four dogs at a time out in the country, pavements or

parks – when we do walk groups of dogs together it is only ever dogs that we have got to know over a long period of time, who we

have trained to fairly high level and who are carefully selected to be compatible together. Often one or more of these dogs are our own dogs.

We tend to do most off lead walks away from large numbers of dogs, or busy footpaths as this reduces the risk of any harm coming to your dog from other dogs being walked by the public.

We are all trained in various methods to scare away any loose dogs that may cause harm to the dogs we are walking. The safety and well-being of your pets is our priority at all times.


We are very fortunate to have aquired the use of a secure field which we use for some walks, this means that we can occassionally walk

upto six dogs together (again carefully selected dogs), and let dogs who dont usually get to go off lead to have a good run and expend their

built up energy. At the field we have a secure parking area, a hose pipe to wash muddy dogs off, and automatic ball launching machine,

three paddling pools for the hot weather and agility equipment too!


We consistently hear glowing feedback from clients about how much more settled and happy their dog is since employing our services.


Although there are a few of us we do not get duplicate keys cut to your property, we simply meet up on a daily basis to swap keys.




• 1x 30 Minute Long Walk  £10


• 1x 30 Minute Long Walk 2x Dogs  £15


• 1x Hour Long Walk £15


• 1x Hour Long Walk for 2x Dogs £20












Prices above are for sociable dogs who can, in time be integrated into group walks and that are 12month of age or older, please contact us for a quote if your dog must be walked alone.

If your dog is under 12months of age please check our puppy visits page by



We also offer training whilst on walks for loose lead walking and also barking at other dogs etc for an extra charge, please call for details.



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