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Katy Pharo writes ...


Sarah Bartlett of Hound Helpers has been an invaluable source of information, support and advice in raising our dog.  We have been very impressed by the breadth of her knowledge and understanding of our needs.


We first made contact with Sarah, through local recommendation, before we had even purchased our puppy.  She was able to provide us with very helpful advice on what to consider when looking at a litter, and how to prepare for the new arrival.


After purchasing our puppy and an initial settling-in period, Sarah visited us at home to talk through all of our initial concerns.  We received lots of helpful information, including advice on feeding, training, health, vaccinations, grooming and exercise.  She also provided us with care sheets and training notes as a ready reference.


We then began some puppy training sessions with Sarah, and in between times enlisted Sarah and Hound Helpers for puppy visits for those days when we were away from home.  But before commencing, Sarah arranged for us to meet every member of the Hound Helpers team in our home, so that they could be introduced to both us and our puppy.


Sarah also provides an excellent grooming service, which we regularly use.  


We have no concerns at all about our puppy when he is in Sarah's care.  We look forward to the photos and updates we receive and it is clear from his behaviour that our puppy hugely enjoys the contact and care he receives.


Sarah has always made herself available to discuss any concerns - by email, phone or in person.  Our dog is now reaching a year old, and is maturing into a well socialised, well mannered dog who is a pleasure to walk and own - we believe largely due to the training and socialisation he has had with Sarah and the wider Hound Helpers team.


I have found the whole relationship hugely rewarding and supportive.  I've owned dogs previously, but through Sarah I have learned a great deal more and am hopefully a better dog owner because of it.




Stewart & Louise (& Murphy) Cooper Writes...


We moved to Worcestershire from the North two years ago and one of our main concerns was how our 5 year old boxer dog, Murphy,was going to cope with the changes...and trying to find a reliable dog walker for him.


We found Hound Helpers online and contacted Sarah to arrange a meeting.  The rest is history.  She was so professional and knowledgeable from day one and we took to her straight away. Murphy loved her and she has never let us down.  Her flexibility and reliability have been outstanding.  It is such a weight lifted when you are relocating and you have to make sure your dog is going to be looked after whilst you are working.


We are now on the move again and we, unfortunately, cannot take Sarah with us. We will miss her and Murphy will definitely miss his walks with her.  We would recommend Sarah to anyone who needs support with their dog/s, she is a superstar.




Stewart & Louise (& Murphy) Cooper




Joyce Council writes...



I have been using Hound Helpers Ltd for over two years now and have never looked back. Having used other dog walking companies in the past none have compared. Sarah has never let me down and it's got to the point now where Oscar sits at the door half an hour before she is due to arrive waiting for his walk. He always comes back content and relaxed and never muddy or wet. When Sarah first started walking Oscar he could some times be a bit snappy with other dogs, but after a few walks with her own dogs he is now fine around all dogs, which makes it a lot easier for me to walk him when I can. I would recommend Sarah and her staff to anyone without any reservations.



Gillian Laughlin writes...



Having initially used Hound Helpers Ltd for occasional walks and holiday care, my circumstances changed and I went from working at home to working long hours in an office leaving my beloved pug, Ruby behind. I had feared initially that she would fret after being so used to having me around, but having daily walks from Sarah and her wonderful team, ruby adjusted really well. I honestly feel that if it wasn't for Hound Helpers' wonderful services I would not have been able to keep Ruby. For that I am eternally grateful.





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