We no longer offer Puppy Classes as we have found it more beneficial to puppies and owners to offer four one to one sessions within their home for only £100. These sessions cover basic training, advice on socialisation, neutering, dog law, house training, diet and much more. please click on the Puppy Training page for more information.



We are currently unable to provide classes due to a loss of venue but plan to have a new venue in place for 2018.



Once these sessions are completed the puppies and owners are more equipped to join our Level 1 classes, enabling us to progress faster through the course.


6 week courses at two levels


Level 1 - for adult dogs who have not attended classes before or for adolescent puppies who may or may not have completed our puppy course, this level is also ideal for rescue dogs.


 Level 2 - for dogs and owners who have completed our level one course and would like to advance their skills.


Courses cover


• Sit, Stand and Down


• Wait and Stay


• Food manners


• Loose lead walking


• Controlled greetings


• Inspection and grooming


• Look at me


• Recall


• Play/Retrieve


• Send to bed


• Manners in a social setting


• Door manners


• Control off lead


Classes are tailored to the Pet dog, moulding them into well behaved, welcomed members of the family and community.


We only have small numbers in our classes to ensure you get the most out of the course.


I revolve classes around similar methods to Assistance dogs training as they are accepted everywhere due to their impeccable behaviour.


We will also be providing occasional weekend intensive training courses covering everything we would cover in an 8 week course, though we have not decided on any dates for this as yet.


Cost: £45 per Course, payment is due in full on or before 1st week of course, £20 deposit required before start of course.


Area's Covered: Pershore and Evesham Districts ( Worcestershire )  





 KC Rally Classes - a new dog sport which is very controlled and fun and is like a mixture of Agility and Obedience, Classes will be starting early 2017, please check back for updates.


Rally is suitable for dogs that have completed the Level 2 course or the Good Citizen Bronze Test elsewhere.


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